Mosquitoes also live in big cities

Mosquitoes also live in big cities

Besides the fact that mosquitoes are annoying, they can also carry several serious illnesses like Dengue, Zika or Chikungunya. Mosquitoes can be found worldwide and despite we may associate their bites with outside activities like hiking and camping, urban areas can also be infested.

This insect enjoys humid and warm atmosphere to live and reproduce, a situation widely common in summer in world cities. Females only need a very small amount of stagnant water to lay their eggs, while high summer temperatures help the larvae to develop until adulthood when they will start laying too. Water spots can be found in garbage, tires, and yard waste piles, but also in sewers and catchment basins. Cities decorations as fountains and planters can host larvae too.

Hence the goal is to eliminate the breeding hotspots in garbage piles and replacing the standing water every few days. Such natural solutions can replace anti-larval chemical products used during anti-mosquito campaigns if citizens and municipalities work together to eliminate standing water from cities. In addition to this solution, be sure to stay protected with botanical mosquito-repellent solutions as PARA'KITO wristbands, sprays and roll-ons...



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